The innovative all-in-one tracker and survey app to capture 24x7 multimodal travel behaviour

Searching for a powerful high-quality traveller-centred data acquisition tool for your mobility research?


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Main Benefits Of Sesamo

Three reasons why you should consider Sesamo

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Versatile in application

We provide you a full-service to collect and manage a detailed data set of the travel behaviour of your target groups. For longer or shorter times. For small or very large groups. It's up to you. The data gives unmatched insights on how people move over the day providing valuable answers for your market research, panel surveys and urban policy development and impact evaluation. Sesamo provides the answers!

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Ready to use

Your respondents can download our innovative Sesamo app, which is especially designed and optimised for travel data logging and off you go. Sesamo automatically starts measuring with minimal load for the respondent. Our web-based data management portal gives all you need to manage your user-base, create data overviews and statistics, perform drilldowns and leverage the flexible data export and audit capabilities.

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High-quality data

Sesamo delivers GPS-based tracking data of your respondent base. What are trip origins and destinations and what modalities are favourite? What times do people travel, what routes do they take and what is the purpose of their travel? Moreover, Sesamo allows for powerful situational and conditional surveying. In this way valuable qualitative data on specific travel experience and bottlenecks can be added to the data set.

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Features of Sesamo

Flexible use

We offer a flexible, cost-effective travel data acquisition service

  • Software-as-a-service: We provide you a service. Flexible in operation and based on pay-per-use. You take care of your target group. We take care of app availability, data collection and secure storage and all the needed technical support.
  • Flexible app model: Sesamo is specifically designed and optimised for travel data logging. You can start right away. Moreover, the app is configurable allowing you to introduce your own look and feel to your customer base and respondents quite easily.
  • All the data at your fingertips: Our platform delivers tailor-made reports and statistics, longitudinal comparison capabilities and powerful data export and audit capabilities.

Built-in intelligence

State-of-the art data analysis and machine learning algoritms give you the best

  • Smart sensing: We make use of smart movement detection getting the most out of the different sensors of modern Smartphones while conserving battery power as much as possible.
  • Automated Learning: Our platform uses advanced learning algorithms to detect patterns in travel behaviour to improve modality deduction and derive travel goals and travel impact. We use this knowledge to further enhance the quality of the data set.
  • Complete and correct: Our platform allows for user correction and improvements in case of missing or misinterpreted data. In this way we can achieve a high quality, accurate registration.

Secure data management

We take care over all the data. That's why privacy is of great concern to us.

  • Safe and reliable: We have taken all the necessary technological and organisational precautions to ensure proper data management and end-user privacy. We work with secured data communication and our data processing and storage takes place in a well secured Dutch data center under European (GDPR) legislation.
  • Transparent and conscientious: We always work with opt-in and consent procedures and provide the users insight and control in what we do with their data. Of course a strict privacy statement is part of our way of working.

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We work as a service provider for and with you. We have broad experience with panel based mobility research, allowing us to think with you on feasibility and best way to set up and carry out your research or project.